Au revoir Hong Kong!

Arrived at Hong Kong airport with what we thought we were allowed to check in: 2 suitcases each.

Cathay Dragon had other ideas…

“But look! I checked the small print!” I offered.

“Yes but this big writing on the front says one piece of baggage only.” said the lady.

“Oh. So what happens now?” said I, trying to seem simultaneously friendly with an edge of ‘this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back’ about me.

“Well it’s HK$1100 per piece, per leg of the journey and you’re going via Shanghai so… HK$4400 please.”

At this point we scratched our heads and thought of:

a) abandoning half our worldly possessions;

b) upgrading to Business Class;

c) posting the excess baggage…

We opted for c) and as I ran to the airport Post Office fearing it might shut at any moment, I left Rich with the bags.

Luckily I got a call a few minutes later from Rich to say that the nice lady would allow us to take the smaller suitcases on as hand carry.

Hoorah! Whatever Rich did to change her mind, I don’t know,  and I don’t need to know!

So we lugged our extremely heavy cases as if they weighed less than 7kg and prayed that no-one checked…

No-one checked.


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