First blog post

Welcome to a French Adventure!

We packed in our jobs and packed up our worldly possessions and headed to Charente Maritime to house sit for friends from Hong Kong. The website for the place we were house sitting is here:

After 7 months we moved to the South of France and the adventure continues…

We feel so lucky to be able to take this leap into the unknown and follow our hearts to a new adventure. Several people asked us to keep a blog as I will not be sharing all my exploits on Facebook or Instagram so this is for you, the ones who asked us for updates.

If you wish to be notified by email of new blog posts for A French Adventure then just click the floating Follow message that hovers in the corner and you won’t have to keep checking back, you’ll simply get an email whenever the blog is updated. Feel free to leave comments about our adventures.

12 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I’m delighted you are writing a blog Lucy, and I can keep up with your adventures. I will miss our chats on the stairs of HLY and look forward to the updates.


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