Packing up

I am aware that I have not really written these blog posts chronologically but bear with me as I set it all up!

After much research, Rich managed to find a solution for the storage of all those documents and bits and pieces that we didn’t want to a) take with us to France or b) leave in the flat. He found a storage facility in Sha Tin that would store 6 smallish crates for us for a reasonable annual sum.

The guy arrived when he said he would and left the crates with us for a couple of days to fill up.

We duly packed them up and thought nothing of it when the guy turned up to collect them. Then he got out his bathroom scales and weighed them… uh oh, 2 of the crates were over the allowed weight so, after a quick phone call to Head Office, a deal was struck and we paid a little extra for the extra weight.

Phew. Valuables stored safely.


So after the weighing blunder of the crates we were aware that the big 30kg box that we had packed up to post to the UK might be a tad over… cue bathroom scales and unwieldy hoisting of the box onto the scales (which only register the weight for a couple of seconds before resetting to zero). Several attempts later we discovered, yes, it was overweight…

What to jettison? My big thick bulky Winter coat came out “I can buy a better one in France” and, much to my sadness, the karaoke mic! We re-weighed the box – hoorah, under-weight (so I sneaked the karaoke mic back in)!

Off we toddled to the Post Office to get it officially weighed. No problem until he said “There’s nothing in there with a battery in it, is there? Because we’ll just send it back to you with no refund if there is.”

Oh no! My karaoke mic had to come out again (cue much laughter at the Post Office). I just hope the guy renting our apartment has a wonderful few nights of karaoke.

PS The box was posted on Saturday and was in the UK by Monday afternoon – all hail Hong Kong Postal Services!


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