In France at last!

So after a night in Plymouth, we got up bright and early to catch the 8am car ferry to Roscoff. I think we confused the ferry terminal staff a bit in our left-hand drive Citroën with GB plates as some spoke French to us and some English (all staff were bi-lingual and very friendly).

We had paid for a lounge seat (we were only allowed to buy one) so we thought we might have to take it in turns to “sit soft” but luckily no-one came to claim the seat next to the one we had reserved so, after a welcome breakfast of croissants and hot chocolate, we settled in for the 6-hour crossing.

It  was a good crossing although I did not feel so happy wandering around because the swell of the boat made me feel a bit queasy. Luckily Rich was happy heading off to the outdoor deck now and then while I stayed in the lounge reading and taking advantage of the free wifi.

We had been warned of the Roscoff Onion Festival that was due to be happening when we arrived and we anticipated crowds and tailbacks but actually getting out of the ferry terminal was pretty straightforward (we did see several onion sellers peddling their wares out of the back of tractor trailers along the route but no great delays).

After getting to grips valiantly with driving on the right “It’s all quite logical, really,” Rich got us to our Airbnb just outside Quimper around 6pm. The directions to the place were complicated by a message from the lovely hostess but we resorted to Google Maps via the Airbnb website and managed to make our way there (the back way along VERY rural country lanes). Thank goodness it wasn’t muddy or we may well have got stuck and still be there now…

The hostess graciously welcomed us and kindly made us a reservation at the local crêperie. We enjoyed a lovely savoury Breton crêpe followed by a delicious sweet crêpe. I ordered a café crême thinking I would have some sort of milky drink but what arrived was an espresso in a teeny tiny cup with a dot of cream on top. Not what I was expecting but you live and learn…

Looking forward to driving the rest of the way tomorrow and getting to the château…

9 thoughts on “In France at last!

  1. So exciting that you’re in France now! Hope those country lanes weren’t too scary and they weren’t blocked by massive trucks like the ones in Devon! Keep us updated about your next moves. X

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  2. Welcome to the ‘real’ start of your new adventure. Meanwhile, we are back at school and looking like we should be preparing to brace ourselves for (what seems to be) the annual start of school Typhoon.

    Happy coffee ordering and hoping you find your tipple soon.

    Missing you but loving the blog.

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