First day at the château!

So we’re in! We left our bed and breakfast around 8.45am and drove down with Google maps doing all the hard work (even re-routing us through a town when there was a traffic jam on the main route). We were very impressed by the toll roads and, thanks to our autotoll-style péage device, we sailed through (don’t know how much it cost us yet though…).

We finally arrived at the château around 2pm and we were both blown away by how amazing it is.

I’ve been poring over photos since Lisa told me about it in May, I’ve wandered the streets of the town via Google Street View but nothing is the same as actually experiencing it first-hand.

It’s gorgeous.

I’m in love!

We spent the next hour exploring and chatting on WhatsApp to Lisa about the place.

We stocked up on supplies at the local Intermarché (bigger than any supermarket we know in HK) and even found the British section so managed to get our Marmite and PG Tips! So sad! We did also get local bread and pastries plus some lovely brie (haven’t seen reblochon yet, Susanna, but I’ll keep looking)!

Back to base to watch the sunset (and catch a glimpse of the eclipse) before falling into bed.

I’ll have to keep blogging about each part of the château in turn as it’s far too big to mention in one post…

Watch this space…


6 thoughts on “First day at the château!

  1. WOW!! It looks amazing! Can’t wait to hear about/see it in more detail! Glad you are there safely and that you are happy with what you’ve found. Xxx


  2. Looks fabulous and lovely to hear you’ve got the essential (Marmite!). So pleased you’re in safely and can’t wait for the next instalment. Love to you both xx


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