Sunflowers and windows

Today has been a day of cleaning windows and weeding the garden. The weather has been glorious (sorry to hear about the Typhoon 10 in Hong Kong)!


We enjoyed spring cleaning and gardening, cooked a steak for dinner then walked it off with a stroll around the area, taking in the evening rays and the views of the sunflowers.



11 thoughts on “Sunflowers and windows

  1. Fab job on windows:) have to add that we have been DIYing most of our trips back….not that I have avoided a proper clean on purpose do to the number of windows ;)There’s quite a bit of mint around the side near the grape vine…and the building site!x


    • What you and Stuart have done is amazing! You’ve brought this local landmark back to its glory days. We are just so glad to help in any way we can. Our contributions are a drop in the ocean to what you guys have already achieved. Lx


    • It’s actually a gorgeous 2 bedroom basement apartment (bigger than our flat back in HK). Lovely and cool in the hot weather and beautifully furnished (the whole château is full of beautiful things)! Lx


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