Golf, gardens and greenery

The weather has been glorious over the past week and we have been in the garden strimming, mowing and weeding (well, I say we, but Rich has done all the strimming and mowing and I’ve helped with the weeding). We are not professional gardeners by any stretch of the imagination but it feels good to get out in the sunshine and work outside for a few hours (I can manage a few more hours of weeding now before needing to stop for a cuppa).


We’ve also had the chance to visit the Château de Dampierre-sur-Boutonne, a cute little château, just up the road, that has an interesting history and stunning gardens.

Rich played golf for the first time in France this week. We met up with friends from Hong Kong who now live about 40 minutes away. Rich played at a golf club near Saintes and I explored a new town called Pons and continued my coffee quest so we were both happy. We had a really good day with a fabulous lunch sitting under a beautiful tree in our friends’ garden. Bliss!


I’ll leave you with one of Rich’s early morning shots of the field opposite the château:


À bientôt, bisous.

3 thoughts on “Golf, gardens and greenery

  1. We’ve certainly had a few beautiful autumn days and I’ve done a lot of walking this last week. I’ve collected over 1kg of rose hips with the intention of making some Rose Hip Syrup to keep me healthy in the coming months!

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  2. I’m green with envy reading this on the mtr, as I head home from work! The gardens (not sure about the weeding part), scenery, & coffee hunt sound like a wonderful way to while away your days in France!

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