Paperbacks and a “pique-nique a la plage”

On Saturday we ventured into the Deux-Sèvres departement to a charity book sale as our reserves of physical books were running low (yes, we could top up the kindle but I prefer actual books, but that’s a whole other discussion)!

As you can see from the first photo, the Village Hall or Salle des Fêtes was packed to bursting with a very organised second-hand book display featuring mainly English books but also DVDs and some French books. We spent a lovely hour scouring the boxes for something to read and came away with a decent haul.

Outside we wandered the various stalls and decided to have lunch in the sunshine. We saw our trusty fish and chip van but they were doing such a roaring trade that we decided to go with a different food van peddling falafel wraps and chilli bowls. Of course I had to have a glass of rosé with mine – yum.

Later in the week we met up with friends for a picnic on the beach at the Côte Sauvage or Wild Coast. We headed into the local town first to stock up on tasty morsels at the market and the boulangerie-patisserie. I loved all the ivy-clad buildings and the quirky campsite next to the Charente river.

We then drove about an hour to the coast and found a path through the pine trees to the sandy beach. There were a few surfers braving the water and a fisherman or two but otherwise, we had the place to ourselves.

We enjoyed our picnic then decided to head back via a walled town called Brouage on the edge of the Marais-Poitevin salt marshes. For those of you who know Sussex, it reminded me of the area around Rye.

We walked a little way along the battlements and then stopped for a cup of tea in a teashop in the town.

Back home we enjoyed a sunny evening with a stroll along one of the nearby lanes.


Last night we stayed up to watch the Orionid meteor shower but after a couple of hours of watching and glimpsing three or four meteors, we called it a night. We contented ourselves with this spectacular sunrise instead:


À bientôt, bisous.


6 thoughts on “Paperbacks and a “pique-nique a la plage”

  1. Beautiful sunrise photo. I love the market photos and the Saturday market here is a highlight for me, especially finding ‘new’ and unusual veggies. This past two weeks I’ve bought coing, trumpettes. physalis, mesclun and mâche, all of which are lovely. The stallholders are always happy to explain things to me too.

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