Ornaments and ‘oodunnits

We’ve had a great time decorating the château ready for the arrival of Lisa, Stuart and family for their Christmas holiday. I’ve been creative with sprigs and boughs of greenery and the tinsel has found a home on the stairs. There are candles everywhere and the place looks magical at night with the fairy lights twinkling and the smell of gingerbread from the scented candle I got in the local garden centre!

Last week I found out that “Murder on the Orient Express” was showing at Niort so we headed over to their big multi-screen cinema in the town centre for a lunchtime showing in ‘version originale’ with French subtitles. The last film we saw was “Blade Runner 2049” and we bravely opted to go for ‘version française’.  Yeah, that was a mistake! Rich said “Don’t worry, it’s all about the atmosphere and the action, there won’t be much dialogue.” How wrong can you be? I did still enjoy it but we might need to go and watch it again in the original version just so we know what actually happened in the story!

This time, for the Orient Express movie, we got to the cinema about half an hour before the movie was due to start so we found our way down (it’s underground) to the ticket booths which were all automated. Not a soul was to be seen so it felt a bit like a ghost town. We popped out to get a coffee and a filled baguette to munch on for lunch and went back down to find the right screen. There were a few more people about by now but no-one took our ticket so we just made our own way into the right screen. We sat down and then were treated to about half an hour of ‘publicité’ or adverts. At least it gave us time to enjoy our baguettes. A few more people came in during the adverts so there were about 7 of us in total (one guy obviously found the movie a bit boring as he snored his way through most of it)!

I loved the film with all the 1930s costumes and the lavish setting of the Orient Express. Despite seeing the 1974 version several times, I couldn’t remember “whodunnit” or, more accurately, “whydunnit” so it was still entertaining. Coincidentally I’d been reading another Agatha Christie whodunnit in French “Le Train Bleu” which is similarly set on a train. Agatha Christie is a good author to read in French as the chapters are short and the language is fairly easy to understand (just as long as you can get around the use of the historic past tense…).

We haven’t been outside as much as usual due to the cold weather, it’s more the weather to stay tucked up inside, reading and watching TV. However, on the couple of walks we have taken, we have enjoyed the wildlife.

So now we’re going to leave Lisa and family to enjoy their château for Christmas and head south to Carcassonne for Christmas and New Year. The next news will wend its way from that direction…

Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

À bientôt, bisous.

6 thoughts on “Ornaments and ‘oodunnits

  1. The chateau sounds and looks beautiful. Well done. My decorations are limited to three cards, two from the same person, ha! Have a lovely time in Carcassonne et Joyeuses Fêtes.

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