Wild, wet and windy weather!

Well, so much for the arrival of Spring! We decided to head 600 miles to the south in search of warmer weather. Look how that turned out… Everyone is talking about le vent (the wind) and, they say, when the wind finishes we have la pluie (the rain) to look forward to! Great.

We did manage a few walks in between the rainy and windy weather and the Spring flowers are starting to emerge…

On one of our walks I was delighted to see a baguette machine. Yes, 24 hour baguette access! Of course, I had to try one and, if I’m honest, it wasn’t as good as a fresh baguette from a proper boulangerie (bakery) but, when desperate… In fact a nearby village still had their old bread oven so I guess getting your daily bread is never a problem round these parts.

Back at the château, we realised we needed to use up as much food as we could before the big move so Rich decided to bake the first cake of his life… drum roll please… he managed a very decent Victoria sponge. So enthused was he by the results that he decided to graduate to chocolate cake only to discover that the Victoria sponge may have been a fluke…the chocolate cake was not a success but the marzipan top layer got eaten very quickly!

We were very lucky last week to receive our final guest at the château before the big move. Kerstin came all the way from Hong Kong to see us and we had several lovely days together exploring a château and the town of Rochefort. We ducked into the Marine Museum to escape the wet weather and, when we emerged, the sun had come out so we headed to the main square for a coffee.

After waving Kerstin goodbye, we packed all our worldly possessions into the car and headed south to Pézenas near Montpellier and Béziers. We stopped at exactly the same aire de service (motorway services) as we had done back in November and I took another photo of the carpark area that had seduced me back in the Autumn with its carpet of autumnal foliage. Spring is not impressing me thus far…

So now we are installed in a little rental house in Pézenas for the next few months… We are looking forward to exploring this area. Pézenas celebrates the famous French playwright, Molière, because I think he spent a while here while touring with his theatre company. There is a theatre named after him and even the place we are renting bears his name.

We’re hoping that the wild, wet and windy weather will soon make way for the promised sun of the south… in the meantime I will leave you with a picture of a cheese counter where we queued up and chatted to the ladies before and after us to find out their recommendations! Cheese is a serious business here in France and I have now added Chaource and Comté Vieux to my cheese knowledge.


À bientôt, bisous.

2 thoughts on “Wild, wet and windy weather!

    • Hello Rachel,
      It’s a cute 3 bed holiday rental about the same size as a HK flat. How’s the first year of teaching going? Nearly into the third term!
      Thanks for popping by on the blog!


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