Youth culture and yellow flowers

Montpellier is a university town and it shows. The place is full of young people and there is a definite buzz. A couple of weekends ago we heard about the Extreme Sports Festival being staged by the river so we thought we’d check it out. Registration was free and the atmosphere was relaxed and casual. There were skateboarders, wakeboarders, kids on scooters and roller blades. There was a parkour course and a Wipeout style assault course on offer. We watched some of the BMX stunt riders leaping over impossibly high ramps – not for the faint-hearted (and that’s just the spectators)!

More in keeping with my usual pace of life were the hikes and wanders we have enjoyed during spring time. The flowers are blooming and the place looks so pretty.

This is only a quick post as I’m building up for a biggie to end the alphabet…stay tuned…

À bientôt, bisous!

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