Sea crossings, sandwiches and snow!

We took the ferry from Caen to Portsmouth for a week in the UK to see family. We had a lovely few days with Rich’s mum and then ventured to Wales for my sister’s 50th birthday weekend.


On the way to the ferry in France we stopped for lunch in Le Mans and enjoyed a stroll around the old quarter and past the Mairie…

Rich took some amazing photos in Wales while the champagne afternoon tea was being set up.

Everyone pitched in to make it a memorable occasion: showstopper cake by Polly; signature coffee and walnut cake by Janet; technical challenge scones by Helen; delicious caramel bites by Zoe; designer decorations by Jay & Shaun and everyone helped with the clearing away and washing up afterwards! Entertainment was provided by Evie & her friend. Jane did a great speech of 50 things she has done in her 50 years. A good time was had by all (except maybe my cousin who arrived but then was promptly confined to bed all weekend)!


After a smooth ferry crossing back to France and a drive back to Charente Maritime, we woke the next morning to SNOW!

Apart from venturing out to get a baguette for lunch and to get fresh milk, we are now hunkered down in the cosy flat while the snow falls. We think this is the first real snow we have experienced since Christmas 2005 in the UK so it’s a bit of a novelty. I’m just so grateful it didn’t really get going until after we had finished our major journeys.

Hope you are all staying warm and dry wherever you are.

À bientôt, bisous.

8 thoughts on “Sea crossings, sandwiches and snow!

  1. Your snow looks much like ours, on the roofs and cars but not yet piling up in the street. There’s more forecast for tomorrow! Glad you had a good time in England and Wales. Jon X

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